Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Grade 4- Digital Citizenship Test, Common Sense Media

We are learning how to connect in a digital world through the application of digital citizenship principles.

Today you will take your Digital Citizenship Test in Common Sense Media. This is a test. Your score will be recorded.

Click Grade 3-5 Unit 1 test only. Complete all 15 questions and print your results.

Raise your block and I will come record your final score.

Use the laser printer LAB LA 4014. Good luck!

Type your first name

Grade 4- Next Steps

After your Unit 1 Common Sense Media test, complete The Key to Keywords worksheet.

Then move on to Typing Agent.

We are learning to experiment with different keywords using search engines. We are learning to compare results and refine searches. Students will apply synonyms and alternate words and phrases to improve their search results.

Use a search engine to find answers to the questions listed below. Record your answer and the keywords used in the search. 

DO NOW: Get The Key to Keywords (Doggy Data) paper from your folder.

Improve your search results by utilizing these strategies.