Monday, April 8, 2013

Grade 5- Chrome Extensions and Apps

1.  Open a NEW TAB

2.  Click icon for CHROME WEB STORE

3.  Type in SEARCH box then hit ENTER key (see RED arrow)

4.  Click the Extensions button (see BLUE arrow)

5.  Click Add to Chrome button

6.  Click Add button if a pop up window appears

Extensions to install:
a.  Ginger
b.  Dictionary (Google)
c.  Speak It
d.  EZ Zoom
e.  Awesome Screenshot
f.  Calculator (Pop Up)

Apps to install:
a.  BrainPop
b.  ClassDojo
c.  Typing Web
d. Google Drive
e.  Khan Academy
f.   Lego Builder
g.  Vocabulary/Spelling City

Typing Web Login just like Study Island and SuccessMaker
      user=  student ID + nb
      password=   student ID

Flashcard Stash- Join Grade 5
      user=  student ID + nb
      password=   student ID

      class password for first-time set up...look at whiteboard.
      (hint: just like BrainPop)

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