Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grade 3- Spring Poem

We are learning to use descriptive writing and sensory details to write a poem about spring.

Last day to finish and print.
Free choice time from the blog after you have printed.

Open Google Classroom and open the entry Spring Poem. Using Google Sheets, insert lines of poetry into your word boxes. You are allowed to change the Spring word art fill, line color, and font. You may need to resize or move your word boxes. You may also move your Spring word art as necessary. 

When your poem in done, you will print to the color printer \\PS1\LP-70-LAB-C4650. Remember, you may need to CHANGE printer. Look before you print.

Then, submit your poem through Google Classroom.

DO NOW: Log in to Google Classroom

Helpful resources:

5 senses

descriptive words


* Field Day 3-4 and 3-2
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