Friday, June 9, 2017

Grade 4- Typing Agent e-Portfolio

We are reflecting on our progress.
We are learning how to print screen and crop screenshots.

Today you will finish your Typing Agent Lesson Mastery ePortfolio in Google Classroom. Using Google Slides, you will paste Typing Agent report screenshots and type SMART Goals.

Remember to TURN IN your assignment in Google Classroom when you are done.

Enter your MP 4 screenshot on Slide 14.
-Print Screen in Typing Agent, Lesson Mastery Report (use key on keyboard)
[You may use Awesome Screenshot too]

-Ctrl V in Google Slides to paste

-Crop your image to reveal just the phone and the stars.

Complete your End of the Year Reflection on Slide 16.

Click TURN IN button in Google Classroom

1. Log in to Typing Agent. Open Typing Agent Reports, Lesson Mastery Report.

2. Log in to Google Classroom and open your ePortfolio.

This how-to video will guide you through the steps if you need to review.

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